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Dazzle Dance Center

Policies & Procedures During COVID-19

We have worked hard on policies, procedures, and schedules that will limit the number of people inside of the building at one time and keeping sanitation, health, and safety as our #1 goal.


Answer the following questions to see if your child is should attend dance in person:

- Has your child, anyone in your home, or anyone your family has regular contact been diagnosed with COVID-19?

- Has your child or anyone in your home had a fever above 99.5 in the past 5 days?

- Has your child or anyone in your home been exposed to COVID-19 in the past 10 days?

- Has your child or anyone in your home not felt good in the past 5 days? Even if you “know” it is just allergies etc. 


If you have answered yes to any of these questions your child should not come to dance. **If you work as a health care provider or in the hospital please talk to Ms. Lynda.**


Here are the procedures we will follow:

- REMAIN in your vehicle until a staff member opens the studio door and waves you in.

- ONLY students may enter the studio except for PreK 3 & 4 may have 1 adult come in.

- Before entering a staff member will take every students’ temperature and if anyone has a temperature of 99.5 or above will be sent back to their vehicles. Students will also have their hands sprayed with hand sanitizer.

- When the students enter the lobby they will be directed to their spot so they can change shoes and get ready for class. 
- If your dancer has a shoe change they will go sit back down where they left their bag on their number and change shoes. Before entering back into class they will be given hand sanitizer.

- At the end of class they will put their go home shoes on and be released one at a time as a staff member sees the parent in the parking lot.

- Between every group of dancers the studio will be sanitized.

- Everyone 5 and old will wear a mask to enter the building.

- The rooms have been taped off with 6x6 boxes so every child will have their own space.


We can not emphasize enough how it will take all of us to keep everyone safe and healthy so if you answered yes to any of those questions above or have any reason to believe something is wrong with your child or anyone in your home do not come to dance. 

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